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It’s August, so what better time to release one of W&L’s hottest films to date!


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Top of the bill sees the return of hot, hairy hunk Pascal, a true star of the grappling arts and a firm favourite of W&L fans worldwide. In probably his toughest challenge yet, Pascal gets up close and personal with that other hunky number - W&L’s very own ‘Young Hercules’ - Christophe 2. Never has High Definition (HD) imaging technology been better showcased (nor multiple cameras been put to better use) than in this particular bout; it’s as if you’re there in person to wipe off the sweat!


Bout 2, and killer shark, Ara, picks up the scent of yet another victim (this time suavely handsome Sylvain 2) and wastes no time in launching his assault. If it weren’t for his own well-developed mat skills and sense of self-preservation, you’d almost feel sorry for Sylvain, such is the searing intensity and determination of his cold-blooded opponent!


And finally, in a fantastically well-matched bout, Benoit and Fabrice go at it hammer-and-tongs in a speedos match which sees the action careering on and off the mat at brake-neck pace. Where they get the energy from is a mystery. One thing’s for sure, though; they certainly relish the opportunity of getting to grips with one another; their enthusiasm positively radiates from the screen!


combat 1


combat 1: 39 minutes.


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Pascal du Kosto des Lascards vs Christophe 2 des Mâtins Terrifiques.

Fancy a twenty-first century take on a Greek mythological superbout? Well, here we have it! W&L proudly presents Theseus (the “Father of Wrestling”, aka Pascal) against “Young Hercules” (Christophe2) in an evenly-matched, yet peerless display of submission grappling skills. A truly classic ‘Youth versus Experience’ encounter, with of course a totally unpredictable result!


combat 2


combat 2: 18 minutes.


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Sylvain 2 de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Ara des Mâtins Terrifiques.


Bout 2, and it’s Sylvain’s turn this time to dip a toe into shark-infested waters, where W&L’s very own cold-blooded killer, Ara, is already circling his prey. In the world of submission wrestling, Ara’s single-minded determination to annihilate opponents by whatever means has become legendary; anyone daring to take up the challenge may well have their own sanity challenged – and here, Sylvain’s no exception! 

combat 3


combat 3: 29 minutes.


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Fabrice des Castagneux Sentimentaux vs Benoît des Mâtins Terrifiques.


A good-natured (but nonetheless hugely competitive) fight to round-off proceedings. W&L stalwart Benoit – compact, feisty – takes on taller, rangier Fabrice in a whirlwind display of the grappling arts. On and off the mat, the action never loses steam and, by the end of the bout, both grapplers seem ready for more! Breathless, high-octane stuff!