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Exclusive to W&L TV

Combat 1


Combat 1: 25 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Pascal du Kosto des Lascards vs Ronald de la Fosse aux Molosses.

  Since Ronald’s sensational video debut (“Gladiateurs 1”, with the young upstart, Christophe), many have speculated on how this relative newcomer to W&L - fantastically proportioned, with a truly natural wrestling ability - would fair against the skills and experience of Pascal. Well, the waiting’s over; here we have a match of raw power and single-minded determination which will transport you from ring-side seat into the very heart of intense, man-to-man combat.

  Both fighters waste no time in getting down to business; before you know it, bodies are locked together on the mat in a frenzied attempt to gain an early advantage. The guys employ maximum body contact to feel and assess each other’s power and resilience in the most primal way imaginable, and initially the resulting scrap seems so evenly-matched that only a fool would wager on the outcome! However, with his marginal weight advantage, Pascal is determined to overpower and weaken his opponent, and before long it really does look as if he’s discovered the secret of success. By the third submission, however - when things have really started to hot-up and each fighter’s mask of cool, focussed determination has slipped to reveal streaks of raging competitiveness - the grappling has reached an altogether higher level; Ronald uses his muscular legs imaginatively - ensnaring his victim and foiling Pascal’s plans for outright domination - and with one particularly well-executed arm-lever he seems to have evened the playing field altogether.

  From this point onwards, holds are applied - one after another - with increasing force and a desire to inflict as much pain as possible. It’s clear that each guy is out to win, and win convincingly. By the end, both fighters - now dripping in sweat and positively oozing testosterone - are fighting to prove a point; they may well have respect for each other - that was clear from the very beginning - but when it gets down to the mat, they’ll stop at nothing to gain the upper hand. With three submissions apiece, the decider is a corker: a terrifically vicious headscissors, applied with relish and safe in the knowledge of certain victory. Quite outstanding!

Combat 2


Combat 2: 32 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Christophe de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Joris du Kosto des Lascards.

  There’s simply no mistaking young Christophe’s designs on Joris; a menacing finger drawn oh-so-slowly across the throat sets the tone for one of the most brutal matches ever filmed by W&L. “I’m going to break you!” spits the young lion as both grapplers prepare themselves meticulously for battle. “Let’s see if you fight as well as you bullshit!”, retorts Joris. In the early stages, Joris is quietly determined and appears impervious to Christophe’s arrogance and endless barrage of insults and abuse. He’s a thoughtful, technically superb grappler with a reputation for fighting hard, but fair. However, under these circumstances, he’s soon forced to review tactics and his sense of fair play; Christophe - with his agenda of ‘psyche-out and destroy’ - soon makes it clear that he’s prepared to use every trick in the book to realise his plans for domination! 

  To say that Christophe will stop at nothing to win is an understatement of huge proportions! At one submission apiece, and finding himself caught in a particularly nasty headlock, he suddenly ups the ante by launching a truly eye-watering attack on Joris’s manhood! (That’s one way to break a hold, for sure!). From this point onwards, it’s an out-and-out street fight, with truly sadistic holds being applied by both studs; one minute Christophe’s choking the life out of Joris beyond the point of submission; the next, the redhead retaliates with a headlock every bit as devastating. Just how much pain each guy is willing to tolerate is a real tribute to the iron will and pig-headed determination on display. In the heat of battle, everything (even scaffolding and wallbars!) is used to try and gain some advantage, Aggression goes through the roof and, with the audience shouting their encouragement (“Tear his balls off, Joris!”), the atmosphere skyrockets from electric to nuclear. 

   This is dirty fighting at its best - with no apologies necessary - between two fantastically well-matched athletes. Needless to say, the deciding blow is delivered true-to-form, and bang on target!

Combat 3


Combat 3: 14 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Franck des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Thomas du Kosto des Lascards.

  The last two bouts on this tape showcase the singular talents of Thomas, a really solid grappler (more at home, you might think, in the oil pits of Turkey, such is his stature and taciturn demeanour). His opponent here might well have the advantages of height and reach, but frankly he’s no match for Thomas when it comes to sheer brute strength and manifestations of raw power. There’s a real sense of Thomas as master-wrestler, taking his ‘pupil’ to task for having the audacity to take him on. As the bout progresses, Thomas applies more and more pressure, and, despite Frank’s best efforts to retaliate, you cannot help but feel for the younger wrestler as he signals for help….

Combat 4


Combat 4: 14 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Thomas du Kosto des Lascards vs Bruno des Mâtins Terrifiques.

…and, as if in answer to his prayers, Bruno appears! It’s as if an irate parent has come to sort out the school bully once and for all! Clearly, Thomas has relished the prospect of a real fight, and now, thanks to Frank, he’s warmed-up, pumped and ready for action. Like Thomas, Bruno is every inch the heavyweight grappler - perfectly proportioned and solid in all the right areas. The sight of these two bulls locked in combat is quite breathtaking. Unlike Bout 2 - where submission was everything and the application of pain a delightful bonus - this is a one-fall match which allows each guy to feel the other’s capabilities in a series of strength holds at extremely close quarters. It’s an evenly matched bout, with occasional moments of frustration (witness the assault on Bruno’s stomach by a series of forearm smashes). Thomas has the edge height-wise - just - but this is offset by Bruno’s marginally better definition, and, perhaps not surprisingly, the outcome is anything but predictable!




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