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combat 1


combat 1: 25 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Miguel du Kosto des Lascards vs Damiano des Castagneux Sentimentaux

  Introducing (in the red corner) Damiano; cool, confident and dashingly handsome, with his blond hair and stature perhaps not a million miles removed from a certain Mr Beckham. His opponent today - Miguel Ė is as familiar to W&L fans as he is contrasting in appearance; darkly hirsute and reliably solid, this is one guy whoíll not let anything get in his way, especially not a fresh young upstart from the halls of Valhalla!

  Both fighters exude a confident air during the warm-ups. Damianoís height advantage may be obvious, but again it doesnít appear to intimidate the shorter wrestler one iota (Miguelís way too experienced for that!). From relative tranquillity, the action takes off like a ballistic missile; itís fast and itís furious!

  This is a very evenly matched bout with two distinct strands to it. On the one hand itís a technical masterclass in grappling; on the other, itís a classic struggle for dominance. With virtually all action taking place on the mat, thereís plenty of opportunity to marvel at technique and also (courtesy of some fantastic shots taken close-up) to revel in the edifying sight of light and dark limbs contorting and merging as one on the increasingly sweat-soaked mats.

  This is as breathtaking for the viewers as it is for the warriors themselves!

combat 2


combat 2: 25 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Geoffrey de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Franck des M‚tins Terrifiques 

  Right from the very beginning of this second bout, thereís a clear and exciting sense of unfinished business; a grudge between two seasoned fighters anxious to sort out their differences in the time-honoured arena of single combat. The reason for their mutual antipathy is, of course, unimportant to the viewer (although one vocal member of the audience seems wise to it!). What matters is the effect it has on the fight itself and, boy, weíre not to be disappointed!

  From even the earliest stages, both grapplers constantly target the throat area (so we already know exactly whatís at the top of their agendas!), and as the temperature rises, kicking and punching is thrown in for good measure. To say thereís no love lost between these two would be an understatement!

  Again, this is an evenly matched encounter. True, not as overtly energetic as the first bout, but more than making up for it with raw emotion and some pretty vicious and seriously-applied holds. From time to time, Frankís enigmatically calm demeanour seems to rile Geoffrey and allows him to penetrate the defences of the famously cocky young stud. Geoffrey meanwhile bides his time and waits for yet another chance to strangle the life out of this adversary.

  Has the score been settled now? Well, far be it from me to sayÖ

combat 3


combat 3: 25 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Elvis du Kosto des Lascards vs Pascal du Kosto des Lascards

  Oh boy, what a finale! 

  Here we have the very essence of male combat. You simply couldnít wish for a better encounter. Itís an unashamed muscle-fest which pits two of W&Lís most popular stallions together for a no-holds-barred scrap.  Both fighters are renowned for their stunning physiques, and both have been regularly on display to a worldwide audience of W&L fans. However, even in the relatively short time since his last outing for W&L, Elvis in particular has somehow managed to improve on his already stratospherically high standards of physical development (a pact with the Devil, maybe?), and now has a body which would make even Hercules blanche with shame.

  Again, superior camerawork at close quarters reveals a testosterone-driven world of power and bloody-minded determination. One minute, Elvisís truly incredible biceps writhe and flex like anacondas around Pascalís magnificent chest; the next, Pascal assumes the dominant position and challenges his near-naked opponent to the age-old tests of strength. Point-scoring is irrelevant here; itís more a question of muscle against muscle, stud against stud.

  As feasts of wrestling go, this is truly second to none! As for the result? Well,  letís just say youíre going to have to keep your wits about you, because this is one of the tightest matches ever filmed by W&L !  Word in the gym had Pascal (yes - you heard  - Pascal !) going in as underdog; imagine then the intensity of his determination to dominate and crush what to us mere mortals would seem like an unstoppable, superhumanly-developed man-mountain at the peak of his powers. Although Pascal raises his arms Ė apparently in triumph Ė at the very end of this sweat-soaked bout, eagle-eyed viewers may well spot that he doesnít get his own way throughout ! Has Pascalís arrogance on the mats taken the better of him this time, or have the finer details of the match been overwhelmed by the white-hot intensity of battle? Watch it closely and make up your own mind on this one; itís a very close call indeed !



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