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combat 1


combat 1: 28 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Christophe 1er de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Christophe 2 des Mâtins Terrifiques.

  Powerfully and attractively muscled, our new young Hercules, Christophe 2nd, doesn’t for one minute allow himself to be intimidated by the taunts of his namesake. Christophe 1st, with his cropped hair and thuggish demeanour, might well strut and crow during the warm-ups – reassuring the enthusiastic audience that this match is, as far as he’s concerned, a foregone conclusion (not for nothing is he widely regarded as ‘Mouth Master’ of W&L) - but boy, does he seriously underestimate the power and determination of his younger opponent!

  For just 18 years of age, Christophe 2nd approaches this bout in an incredibly mature fashion. The extent of C1’s vocal interjections must surely betray his underlying concern over the youngster’s imposing presence and textbook physique, even allowing for his own height and weight advantages. Certainly in the initial stages, C2 is quiet, controlled and menacingly confident, and he applies his skills – and a particular predilection for arm levers! – with consummate ease. Indeed, as the fight progresses, he seems to wrench a page from his opponent’s book by turning up the volume and proclaiming, at any available opportunity, his supremacy over the seasoned (if increasingly frustrated) streetfighter!

  However, we wouldn’t for one moment wish to give the impression that this is a one-sided affair; after all, C1 is far too experienced a scrapper for Hell to have frozen over! This is powerful wrestling which leaves both protagonists gasping for breath and drenched in sweat even before the halfway point’s been reached! It’s a superb video debut for young Hercules, and one hell of a handful for poor old C1!


combat 2


combat 2: 31 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Damien du Kosto des Lascards vs Benoît des Mâtins Terrifiques.

  You like his arrogant manner; his domineering, exhibitionist ways; his determined walk; his warrior-like attitude and his undeniable manliness. Now, your favourite guy’s on the warpath as never before and, thanks to him, Benoît finds himself front-and-centre for a high-voltage seminar in the brutal art of uninhibited, down-and-dirty streetfighting!

  The warms-ups allow plenty of time for placing your bets. Benoit is casual – almost nonchalant in his approach; Damian flashes his now trademark laser beam across the mats as if trying to extinguish his opponent without so much as laying a finger on him! But, once the whistle blows, it’s every man for himself and you may find yourself diving for cover as this fantastically explosive, testosterone-driven encounter takes flight.

  The speed and agility of these fighters are amazing; there are times when only slow motion will do to catch the extremely fine detail of the skills on display, and, incredibly, the energy doesn’t let up for one moment! The initial impression is one of the patient – but uncompromising – elder trying to tame the excesses of his headstrong, noisy young rival. By the latter stages of the match, however, it may be better described as a full-blown exorcism! Benoit (the ‘priest’, although in fact no angel himself during the match!) - resigned to sweaty, anguished combat with the darker forces at work in the body of his younger opponent - is more than a match for the punishing barrage of holds, punches and abuse meted out by Damien. (What was the name of that kid in ‘The Omen’? Oh, yes…)

  This is a cracker of a match; fast, furious and totally unpredictable!


combat 3


combat 3: 31 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Ara des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Yung des Typhons et Pythons.

  Ara’s a killer, plain and simple. It’s as if he abandons his principles – as well as his clothes – before setting foot on the mats! There’s something truly menacing about this guy. He bears down on his opponents with the steady, inexorable progress of a tank; his cold, shark-like gaze is constantly diverted from the eyes of his victims, and he seems impervious to even the most vicious (and, perhaps, ill-advised!) assault. You really feel that, once on the mat, he lets rip and surrenders himself totally to the most basic warrior instincts.

  By accepting this fight, Yung has unwittingly become an unenviable Kamikaze figure. He’s strong, for sure; skillful, undoubtedly – but the question is: has he got what it takes to find a way through the armour-plating and inhuman countenance and blow this particular shark out of the water once and for all?




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