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Exclusive to W&L TV

  Here we are then: wrestlers from five of the best Free Fight clubs confronting each other in W&L’s special universe, this time during a tournament held in August in memory of Philippe Loison. As usual, we’ve kept for posterity three fights, each one characterized by a sense of dramatic originality and flair. In W&L productions, no two fights are the same; each is a unique story of two unique temperaments coming together and clashing in the heat of battle!


  For the very first time, Mourad gets to know the bright lights of the silver screen (as well as the pitch-blackness of the underworld which Benoit has in store for him!).


  For only the second time on screens anywhere in the world, Christophe 2’s chiseled  muscularity is revealed – not for inspection by Michelangelo’s expert eye, but instead for taking apart anyone who dares defy him on the mat!


  For the fourth time, Cheme’s ankle ‘mascot’ (whose role as lucky charm has long since taken over from its original therapeutic use!), continues to arouse the curiosity of fans as far away as the Antipodes.


  So then, just picture it:  You’re sitting in the amphitheatre and applauding the gladiators who, in turn, are saluting you: “Hail, Caesar! We, who are about to die, salute you!”


combat 1


combat 1: 30 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Benoît des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Mourad des Typhons et Pythons


  An auspicious outing for W&L’s new kid on the block, Mourad. Benoit has his hands full to capacity with this one, let me tell you, and Mourad’s arrogant, taunting attitude only serves to ignite the fires of competitive combat still further! The outdoor action – on and off the mat, up against the wall, wherever! – is fast and extremely furious. Wow!

combat 2


combat 2: 29 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Christophe 2 des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Damiano des Castagneux Sentimentaux


  From a cautious start, feel the tension quickly rising in this second bout as both handsome studs go to town on each other to produce a memorably brutal, all-out chokefest. The glistening muscles of Damiano, as they work themselves against those of his younger (but larger and more solid) opponent, really are a sight for sore eyes!

combat 3


combat 3: 22 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Chême des Typhons et Pythons vs Yvon des Typhons et Pythons


  “The ‘Old Hand’ versus the Cheeky Young Whippersnapper”. That could be the subtitle for this third and final bout (although it would seriously underestimate young Cheme’s ability to take his ‘master’ to task!) And for those of you who like things spiced-up with barbed, mid-fight ‘conversation’ between two over-heated protagonists, this match is a sheer delight!