Machomachie 5    







Combat 1


Combat 1: 20 minutes.


  Pascal du Kosto des Lascards vs Bruno des Mātins Terrifiques.

  If you go down to the gym today, you’re sure of a big surprise. And I mean big! Testosterone levels run sky-high as popular and experienced Pascal takes on the equally impressive Bruno. Such is the parity of skill and power on display, it would surely take a brave man to predict the outcome!

  These guys thrive on tough, all-out brawling, and there’s no denying their satisfaction as muscle meets muscle on very much equal terms in this intense, sweaty battle. Towards the end of the bout, sheer frustration drives the men to taunt each other - vocally, as well as physically - with the result that the grappling shifts into an even higher gear!

  Who will win? Watch it and find out! Fantasic.

Combat 2


Combat 2: 34 minutes.


  Elvis du Kosto des Lascards vs Tor des Castagneux Sentimentaux.

  From the very start, it’s clear that both fighters have relished the prospect of this encounter for some time. The already electric atmosphere is made all the more exciting by seconds providing last-minute massage to each of their charges. At the moment of combat, the sight of these well-endowed, muscular hunks - charging at each other like bulls - is phenomenal. What follows, of course, is equally amazing. The action doesn’t let up for one moment as headlocks, armlocks and full nelsons are applied with determination and incredible power. The tests of strength at the outset of the third and final round will take your breath away!

  If you like your grappling to be skillful - yet powerful and uninhibited - then this bout is for you. It is a titanic struggle between two evenly matched, fantastically beefy wrestlers - arguably the ultimate in primal male combat.

Combat 3


Combat 3: 25 minutes.


  Kaya de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Ali des Typhons et Pythons.

  Lean, hirsuite Ali takes on Kaya in an exemplory display of wrestling tactics and skill. What these guys lack in sheer brute strength, they more than make up for in agility and technique. Both men exercise a fair degree of caution at the start, taking every care in sizing-up the opposition. Although Ali defends particularly well, he’s more than capable going on the attack when necessary! Both fighters give nothing away, of course - they’re both out to win, and win convincingly. An impressive debut bout for Ali, and a characteristically determined performance from Kaya.




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